I've LOVED jewelry ever since I can remember. I used to play dress-up with my mom's jewelry and would ask her, "Look mom, am I razzle dazzle?" LOL! I have always been drawn to fashion and anything that sparkles. I earned it honestly though... both my mom and grandma were the same way. I would like to believe I bleed glitter! ha-ha!!

I've been designing and making jewelry for 20+ years now. I started when I was in high school (when BIG earrings were the thing) and haven't stopped since. It's a real passion for me, not to mention therapeutically relaxing. I love learning new techniques and perfecting them as I design. My inspiration is drawn from all around. Everywhere I go I think about shapes and color combos and how I can incorporate them into my designs.

I'm originally from Texas and lived in North Carolina and Florida before settling in Southern California in the late 80's with my mom. My husband and I love to travel and he's a huge Disney fan, so we love Disney cruises. As you can imagine, I draw a lot of color inspiration from Disney parks and vacations. You can find great inspiration from vacations - beautiful places, people, weather, etc.

I've designed jewelry for wedding parties, gifts, holidays and everyday fashion pieces. I love working with wire, chain, metal and crystals. I've made many wire crochet pieces that I've sold at shows and to friends & family over the years. Keeping with the times is important to me when designing jewelry, yet adding my own flare to the piece makes it me. You want to stay up to date with fashion, yet be your own person at the same time! That's what makes it unique!

I have a blog and am active with social media when it comes to advertising my jewelry - Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. (see links below).

There's nothing I enjoy more than being at home with my wonderful, supportive husband, two precious dogs, a great cup of coffee and making jewelry.

The name... I came up with La Luna Creations years ago. While it wasn't my business name when I started making jewelry (used to be Razzle Dazzle), it's been the name that has stuck with me. I absolutely adore the moon and La Luna = the moon in Spanish. Creations because I create all my designs.

Enjoy browsing my jewelry line and thank you for stopping by my 'About Me' page.

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La Luna Creations
Because a Woman Without Jewelry, is Like the Moon Without Stars...

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