January 20, 2015

TIME....I need more of it!!!

I bet if you're like me, you're always saying, "I don't have enough time" or "I need more time!" What I'm learning is, I need to better manage my time and that is one of my goals this year. Goals...I'll touch more on that in another post. 

I seem to have this knack for somewhat avoiding a project, and it can even be a project I'm excited to work on, by doing other things. I guess you could say I like to procrastinate. I don't know why that is but it's something I intend to STOP doing this year! I will say, I'm a lot better at it then I was a year ago. I think having lost weight helped with that. Losing Weight = More Energy! Yeah for me!! 

One key to time is truly managing it. You have to be in tune with what your working on and how much time you will allow yourself to work on things. One thing that helps me is making lists. For whatever reason, I accomplish what I write down or put in my calendar to pop-up and remind me. 

We all need mindless things in our lives to enjoy, whether it be a game on your iphone or reading a magazine. BUT... keep mind of your time so you don't waste hours on something that is mindless. Especially when you have a million other things to do. 

I refuse to let another year go by and not be saying at the end of the year, "if only I had more time!" No more excuses!! 

Happy 2015

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